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Signature Deluxe Clinic Facial

Two hours of total bliss including the legendary natural face-lift massage, neck, face, scalp shoulders and arms. Manual lymph drainage, to rid toxins, acupressure points release for headache and wrinkle trouble spot areas. Age-defying muscle toning. Tension release in the scalp and neck. Skin-type analysis and skincare treatment plan. Deep-steam Ozone purifying treatment, deep cleansing, skin exfoliation, skin-type facemask, hot towels, skin toning and moisturising. Depart with silky-smooth skin and a naturally healthy glowing complexion.

Feel as relaxed and delightful as a lazy, scented summer’s day! 

We support UK industries for all the right reasons. We use the Tropic Skincare Range that is UK based, provides local jobs, is ethically engaged and Vegan friendly. We support Tropic in best supporting you! Visit our Tropic Shop from the Home Page.

Duration 2 hours
Price £120 

Eyelash Tint

It’s your choice of look

Grey. Light Brown. Brown. Dark Brown. Black. Blue/Black. 

A professional, beauty enhancing eyelash tint. Asl well as the perfect solution in ditching the mascara whilst splashing-about on holiday.

It is necessary to have a patch test 72-48 hours ahead of  this beauty treatment. A new patch test is required every three months.

Duration 25 mins

Price £20 

Lash n’ Brow Tint

Make a saving by having both lash and brow tint at the same time for the full package impact! We recommend the brows are tinted slightly lighter than the lashes for enhancing your natural beauty.

It is necessary to have a patch test 72-48 hours ahead of this beauty treatment. A new patch test is required every three months.

Duration 30 mins

Price £30

Classic Eyelash Extensions

We Don’t do the Glamour World Volume Lashes, here. But, we do provide fuller, more natural-looking lashes, with extra volume, length, defined impact shaping, darker colouring and silky contour – that enhances your own natural beauty. 

Our eyes are the beautiful windows to the soul – so way wouldn’t you frame them?

A free ‘suitability exam’ consultation and patch test is required  72-48 hours  ahead of your appointment. A further patch test is required every three months. 

Duration time is a minimum 60 mins, but may stretch to 1hr 30 mins
Price £55

Removal or infills Duration 30 mins 

Price £30, so stay beautiful.

Ear and Nose Piercing

For a memorably special experience with ‘peace of mind’ responsible piercing. Choose from the stunning collection of affordable
hypoallergenic precious or semi-precious metals and stylish choice of starter studs.  A certificate to mark the day, aftercare advice and soothing cleaning solution are all included; as well as a free follow-up appointment if required. Price on selection from the ‘safest system’ beautiful award winning Inverness Range.

Your special memory is safe with us! We support UK industries for all the right reasons. The Inverness safest system is a renowned UK company, with ethical principles and a provider in local job opportunities. We support the Inverness Safest System Range in our support of you. 

Duration 30 mins
Price From £25

Hands and Nails Love

‘My Pretty Hands’ Including warming oils finger and nails soak, manicure, nail shape choice, cuticle care and  soothing moisturising hand massage to finish. Nail strengthening advice.

Price £30 Duration 30 mins.

‘All Glammed-Up’ Including manicure, Gel nail polish set choice; cuticle care; and moisturising hand massage to finish. 

Price £48 Duration 60 mins.

‘Taking Off’ Including removal of Gel polish, manicure, cuticle care and nail nourishment treatment and hand moisturising massage.  

Price £30  Duration 30 mins

‘Next Chapter’ including Gel polish removal, manicure, cuticle care and renewal of fresh Gel polish, and hand moisturising massage – all this to support your next style!

Price £50 Duration 60 mins.

We Support UK Industries wherever possible for all the right reasons. The CJP Nail System is Vegan friendly, Hemma-Free and has responsibly and locally sourced ingredients, as well as a locally employed workforce.  It is our first choice provision in supporting you!

Safe 'Ear & Nose Piercings', within a comfortable, private setting.
Your special memory is kindly done and safe with us.

For all our clients demanding stunning studs piercing to the ears or nose as a memorably special experience with our unique ‘Safest system, award-winning gentle and hygienic technology’ for peace of mind perfection! 

Choose from the stunning Inverness Range of affordable hypoallergenic metals and beautiful styles available all at an affordable price. Price on selection of studs includes aftercare advise and cleaning solution (follow-up check, if required).

Wherever possible we support British Industry as our suppliers, for all the right reasons. The Inverness Safest System is what we choose as best in supporting you with piercing. Price on selection, all inclusive, from £25:


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm

Sunday and bank holidays Closed

Late afternoon and evening appointments available through prior agreement.

27 Longbridge Road,
RG26 5AN

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It is necessary to have a patch test 48-72 hours ahead of some treatments. A new patch test is required every three months.

I will get back to you to confirm the booking date and time. 

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