Hot Stones Therapy Massage

This is simply a gorgeous treatment! The warmth and glide of the smooth Basalt stones across your skin is so powerful with its ancient magic as it effortlessly reaches deeper muscle groups, allowing all the muscle fibres to lengthen and the joints to loosen while your mind, body and soul deeply relax until you are left feeling warmly nourished and gently soothed. If you haven’t tried this before you will never know just how good it feels.

The perfect choice on cold, dark days when you crave warmth and comfort.

Duration 1 hour, 15 mins

Price £60

Bespoke, Deeply Relaxing, Prescriptive, Full Body Massage

The emphasis here is on ‘deep relaxation’, but equally trouble-spots will be conscientiously addressed, also. This treatment includes any number of specialist techniques that are hand-picked just for you for optimum benefit – for an all-round deeply relaxing and effective experience.

Great choice if you have no specific pain & tension in the body and seek deep relaxation. 

Duration 1 hour

Price £55


Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Osteopath Passive Stretches, Full Body Massage

This is so much more than a back rub! As the title implies this involves specific techniques to address arising issues in the soft tissue. It looks to soften tight muscles and loosen stiff joints, using passive stretches and trigger-point release techniques. There will be exercise and stretch suggestions to try at home. We incorporate hot white Jade, percussion massage gun and more, for optimum results.

We highly recommend monthly M & M Membership,  for best value in regular care. Pay less and stay longer! Ask for details. 

Duration 1 hour

Price £55

Remedial Sports Massage

This focusses on the specific soft tissue injury issues and works towards giving you optimum mobility performance. It may include any number of massage techniques as well as the use of thermal Jade application and percussion gun.

A weekly/monthly treatment plan can be tailored to your sporting goals for pre-event, training maintenance, and post-event care.

Duration 45 mins
Price £45

Remedial Sports Massage with Myofascial Dry Cupping Therapy

This is a combination of sports massage with the addition of myofascial dry cupping therapy (MFC) for optimum results. Dry cups may be applied to specific problematic areas and/or used in gliding strokes over larger areas. This treatment is particularly useful post-event to release the build up of lactic acid and soothe tired muscles. 

A weekly/monthly treatment plan can be tailored to your sporting goals.

Duration 1 hour
Price £58

Pregnancy Massage

This is a super-safe and relaxing massage for mum-to-be, including full body massage to ease aches and pains. Bolsters, heat pad and side positioning are included for optimum comfort, with baby in mind. 

 Please also see our Pregnancy Treatment Plan in the Wellness Menu; as well as ‘Mama ‘Me’ Time’ Pamper, in the Pamper Menu. 

Great gift ideas!

Duration 1 hour
Price £50

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

This is an extremely gentle and relaxing treatment to aid lymph fluid drainage, while you are positioned comfortably with bolsters and heat pad and a cosy throw. This gentle and effective treatment can be done through loose, thin clothing and it is considerably beneficial for those with Lymphoedema, in post- surgery recovery, looking for Oncology or palliative care, have limited mobility, and for those with many other types of debilitating illnesses, seeking holistic therapy support. This works well along-side substantial medical care.

See MLD & MFDC in the Wellness Clinic Menu.

Duration 45 mins
Price £45

Natural Facelift Massage

This amazing Natural Facelift treatment includes face, neck, shoulders, and scalp work. It draws skills from both Eastern as well as Western massage traditions. It taps into the body’s meridians for rebalance. It helps tone facial muscles, as well as dispersing tension from the jaw, brow and temples, (hotspots for headaches and wrinkles). It clears the sinuses, improves circulation, drains lymph fluid to remove toxins and aids the surface appearance of the skin. All this, whilst relaxing the whole body at the same time.

Look out for this gorgeous treatment in the Pamper Packages Menu. 

Duration 30 mins
Price £25

Thirty Minutes Massage

This short treatment time is spent addressing specific discomfort concerns. Commonly found around the neck, shoulders, hips, upper and lower back.

This choice of massage therapy is perfect for those with time-constraints, but could fit in a treatment during a lunch break or after work.

This massage options also works well with an add-on treatment, such as MFRT . 

Duration 30 mins
Price £35

Myofascial Release Therapy

The myofascia is a layer of tiny connective and communicative strings of soft tissue that sit between the dermis and the various complicated muscle layers that lie beneath. By manipulating this tissue through specific massage techniques stored memory of trauma and tension patterns, and pain that the body has been holding onto can be released. MFRT is worth its weight in gold in terms of a reset for the body to live in the present and to let go of  the hard knocks from the past.

For a specific area of concern, as well as an add-on to another massage therapy – such as a thirty minute massage. Also found in the Pain Management Programme in the Wellness Clinic.

Duration 15 mins
Price £20 

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm

Sunday and bank holidays Closed

Late afternoon and evening appointments available through prior agreement.

27 Longbridge Road,
RG26 5AN

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