Pamper ‘Me’ Perfect

Luxury refreshments of your choice. Himalayan mineral rich salts & herbal essences foot spa, foot massage and feet skincare treats. A full body hot Basalt stones massage, including all the add-ons with a head, neck and scalp specialist massage. Finishing with an indulgent Facial including gorgeous planet-friendly treats from the Tropic skincare range (appropriate to skin type), and super home-spa gifts to take away as a reminder of  your special day! x

The ultimate perfect pamper for deep relaxation!

Duration 3 hours
Price £155

Blissful 'Me' Time Pamper

Luxury refreshments of your choice and even more pampering than ‘Soothe ‘Me’ Time’ for the mind, body & soul to take a well-earned holiday. Treatments include Himalayan mineral rich body salts & deeply relaxing herbal essences foot spa, foot massage with skincare treats, hot Basalt stones full body massage therapy. finishing off with the legendary natural facelift massage, including neck, shoulders, head & scalp for a ‘Top Draw’ super gift treat, experience. 

Not to be rushed! Body and mind bliss!

Duration 2 hours, 15 mins
Price £115

Soothe 'Me' Time Pamper

Luxury refreshments of your choice. Himalayan mineral rich salts & herbal essences foot spa, foot massage with feet skincare treats. Then a deeply relaxing full body massage; including  the legendary natural facelift massage that includes neck, head & scalp massage for ultimate calm and a deeply soothing experience. 

Ditch the deadlines and chasing around after others –  this is your time to be soothed and be free!


Duration 1 hour, 40 mins
Price £80

Mama 'Me' Time Pamper

With a phone call consultation prior to your Pamper Day you can discuss your latest health and comfort needs, and then choose from a choice of luxury refreshments and range of treatments available to you for your own unique pamper package experience.  Choose from a luxurious foot spa, foot massage and skincare goodies and then your choice for a soothing full body massage (with side positioning), then a tension relieving head, neck and scalp massage; and/or a bespoke Facial to finish, using only the finest Tropic skincare range ‘safe to eat’ ingredients. Time for Mama and baby-bump to be nurtured, as one, during a precious time of life and a memorable moment to enjoy in deep relaxation.

What a great gift idea! Please also see the nine treatments plan, and pregnancy massage, that are also available to you and baby bump. 

Duration 2 hours
Price £88

Dreamy 'Me' Time Pamper

Not only is it great value for money but it includes a deeply relaxing full body massage; and then follows with the legendary natural facelift massage, including neck, head & scalp massage. This treatment draws from Eastern as well as Western massage traditions for the full package in benefits. Working with the body’s meridians, you will also feel relaxed throughout the whole body. In toning the facial muscles I can also loosen tension from the jaw, brow, and temples (hotspots for headaches and wrinkles). All this is done the holistic way, and in a natural treatment form. It also clears the sinuses, manually drains lymph fluid in carrying toxins away from the face, throat and neck for expulsion. It improves circulation to the scalp that can become restricted in tension and hair loss. It gives a natural glow and  healthy surface appearance of the skin. All these benefits occur while also deeply relaxing the whole body.

This package is super popular. Beware – You may be deeply asleep by the end!

Duration 1 hour, 30 mins
Price £65

Glowing ‘Me’ Time Pamper

This super treatment package includes the gorgeous natural facelift, neck, head ,shoulders & scalp massage. These techniques are drawn from Western as well as Eastern traditions that tap into the body’s meridians, tone the facial muscles and loosen tension from troubled hotspots for wrinkles and headache prone areas. It clears the sinuses, drains lymph fluid carrying toxins away, and aids circulation and the surface appearance of the skin. It also relaxes the whole body at the same time. To finish there is a Skin-type analysis and Tropic skincare bespoke facial and skincare suggestions for a fresh and glowing natural new complexion. 

Skip away the Tropic way.

Look at you Glow!

Duration 1hr
Price £58

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm

Sunday and bank holidays Closed

Late afternoon and evening appointments available through prior agreement.

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