Some common concerns that we provide Alternative
Holistic/Remedial Care for:

* Fibromyalgia * Rheumatic Diseases * Oncology Care * Injury Recovery * Trauma *
Debilitating Illnesses* Migraines* Poor Posture*Palliative Care* Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome* Lack of Mobility* Skin Conditions* Parkinson’s’ Disease* Long Covid 19 *
Anxiety and Depression* Panic Attacks* Mental Overwhelm*Tendonitis* Sport Injuries*
Joint Stiffness* Sciatica* Scar Tissue Repair* Repetitive Strain* Posture
Correction*Poor Sleep* Back Health* Spiritual Development * Chronic Pain
*Lymphoedema* Acne Scars* Maternity Care* And more…Just ask.

Mix & Match Membership

With your Membership you will be made most welcome as a member of our clinic family. You get first choice for your optimum appointment day and time. The mix and match of massage treatments and all at a discount! You only pay £58 pcm on the 1st day of every month and we will provide the magic for a well-deserved ‘me’ time bespoke, top draw gorgeous treatment each and every time you come in. Discuss the options and make your choice.                                        Your body and mind say ‘thank you’.

Duration 1 hour, 20 mins
Price £58

Free personal introduction to the Tropic skincare range

Your mini-facial skin-food goodies introduction to the world caring Tropic Vegan face and body skincare range! Price on Sales. (These products are also used in our Pamper Packages Menu)

Duration 30 mins
Price Free

Crystal Energy with Chakra Clearing Work Therapy

This is a safe and gentle Holistic treatment available to all. By using the Crystals’ own Energies and beneficial Properties this therapy clears the Seven Chakras and rebalances mind, body & Soul for harmony and happiness. With Angel Cards, and suggestions of suitable Crystals to use at home. This may be just what you have been seeking, so try it and then known how soothing and powerful it is. 

Duration 45 mins
Price £45

Nine Sessions of Maternity Massage Package

This programme is for regular soothing maternity massage sessions. We use a fully automatic couch, with bolsters and side positioning as well as a heat pad for optimum comfort. Massage helps to ease sore muscles and joints for Mum, and allow a precious chance to fully relax in preparation for the delivery. Super for Mum and with gentle rhythmic strokes to comfort and calm little babe, too, it’s just perfect for optimum health. These sessions are taken over a twelve-month period – as and when required.    So, you also have the choice to save one or two sessions for after the birth, to look forward to.

‘What a super-thoughtful gift idea, too!’

Duration 45 mins      Price for Nine £405

MFRT & MFDC Massage Therapy

This is a super duo of techniques that involve Myofascial Release Therapy, in combination with Myofascial Dry Cupping Therapy. This programme will help clear toxins, viruses and trauma from the body. It is a useful aid in releasing restrictive soft tissue found in tight muscles and joints. It will also improve recovery time, and speed healing post-op, or injury. It is powerful in its holistic worth. Please seek a consultation ahead of booking this treatment for full support. 

Duration 1 hour
Price £60

Myofascial Dry Cupping

 The benefits of this therapy have stood the passage of time in its various forms of provision dating back to over three thousand years. It is now very popular in the Western World for those seeking an holistic alternative in treatments for common ills. It is favoured by athletes and celebrities alike, for proving countless beneficial qualities. Please ask for more information ahead of booking this treatment.

‘This is a super post-sport; or surgery recovery aid’.

Duration 30 mins
Price £35

Manual Lymph Drainage and Myofascial Dry Cupping

This is an extremely gentle and relaxing treatment to aid lymph fluid drainage that carries away toxins and waste from the body. You will decide the most comfortable position that best suits you.  This is considerably beneficial to those with Lymphoedema, Pre & Post Surgery, Oncology Care, Poor Mobility, Palliative Care, and other Debilitating Illnesses. 

Best value block of Four – £200 (£20 saving).

Duration 1 hour
Price £55

Pain Management Programme

This unique programme of care is of a bespoke nature. Clinic Treatments may include any number of massage therapy techniques, meditations and mindfulness techniques. There will be Sound Therapy and deep breathing techniques, passive stretch techniques, Hot Stones, Dry cupping,  and more. Map your journey over eight sessions of managing your pain, as well as significantly reducing it – the holistic way.

Best value block of Eight – £400 (£80 saving).

Duration 1 hour
Price £60

Scar Tissue, Adhesions & Fascial Restrictions Work

A full assessment of the scar is carried out and massage techniques applied to help shrink the appearance of the scar and improve restricted soft tissue by rebalancing the fascia, and removing adhesions in order to regain optimum movement. This Programme may also involve work on seemingly unconnected areas of the body that have been affected. Myofascial Dry Cupping may also be included. 

Best value block of Four – £220 (£20 saving).

Duration 1 hour
Price £60 

Look after your body and it will look after you. Book now for a free back health check

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 8:30am – 6pm

Sunday and bank holidays Closed

Late afternoon and evening appointments available through prior agreement.

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RG26 5AN

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